Talk @UFF, Enrique Arias (UERJ), Friday June 30th, 11.00

This week’s talk at the Infoptics group (UFF) will be given by Enrique Arias (UERJ), who’ll be talking about “Motor térmico quântico de Otto via o efeito Unruh”. The talk will be next Friday, June 30th, at 11.00, in room A5-01 of the Physics Building. All are welcome! Please see below for an abstract. Read the rest of this entry »

Open faculty position at IFSC-USP

The Department of Physics and Materials Science, at the São Carlos Institute of Physics, is seeking to make one faculty appointment for a theoretician in the area of atomic and molecular physics: light-matter interaction, out-of-equilibrium scattering processes, optical lattices with extensions to statistical physics.

Click here to download more informations about the call. You can also check the IFSC’s Open Positions page.

QM Talks@CBPF: Víctor Montenegro — 28.06, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Next week in our QM Talks@CBPF series we’ll have a talk by Víctor Montenegro, from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Victor holds a postdoc position at the PUC-Chile in the group lead by Miguel Orszag — a group which has contributed a lot to the development of the quantum optics area.

Victor is on vacation in Rio, and he was very kind to contact us and to accept to give a talk at CBPF. See the details of the talk below, and be sure to be there!

Title: Macro-mechanical quantum state superposition via spin post-selection in dispersive systems

Speaker: Víctor Montenegro (PUC- Chile)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 28.06, 16h00

Abstract: Macroscopic quantum superposition states are fundamental to test the classical-quantum boundary and present suitable candidates for quantum technologies. Although the preparation of such states have already been realized, the existing setups commonly consider external driving and resonant interactions, which…

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QM Talks@CBPF: Tobias Micklitz — 21.06, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Our series of seminars continues this week with Tobias Micklitz (CBPF). Tobias is an expert on many-body problems within condensed matter, especially on issues related to Anderson’s location. Recently, we’ve been discussing some ideas at the interface between condensed matter and quantum information. I’m sure something nice will come out of this interaction.

See the details of the talk below, and be sure to not miss it. See you there!

Title: Disordered Quantum Systems from Anderson- to many-body localization

Speaker: Tobias Micklitz (CBPF)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 21.06, 16h00

Abstract: Disorder is known to have dramatic effects on single particle-dynamics in low dimensional quantum systems. The absence of diffusion in dimensions smaller than three emerges within a single-particle picture where non-interacting particles, scattering off disorder, interfere with themselves and effectively get localized to a finite region in space. This ‘Anderson localization’ originates from the quantum-mechanical wave-nature of particles and is…

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QM Talks@CBPF: Fernando Nicácio — 07.06, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Our next seminar from the series QM Talks@CBPF will be given by Fernando Nicácio, aka, Boiúna (or is it the other way around?).
See the details below. See you there!

Title: Determinando propriedades de estados estacionários diretamente
das interações do sistema com o ambiente

Speaker: Fernando Nicácio (UFRJ)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 07.06, 16h00

Abstract: Considerando estados estacionários de um sistema de variáveis contínuas evoluindo sob uma dinâmica não-unitária, revelamos a conexão entre propriedades e simetrias do sistema com os parâmetros dinâmicos da evolução. Em particular, estabelecemos uma relação entre a equação de Lyapunov para sistemas dinâmicos não-Hamiltonianos e as soluções estacionárias de uma equação mestra de Lindblad independente do tempo para modos bosônicos. Explorando relações de “bona fide”, as quais são utilizadas para caracterizar propriedades quânticas genuínas (emaranhamento, “steerabilidade”, classicalidade), obtemos condições sobre os parâmetros dinâmicos da equação de Lindblad que fazem com que o sistema seja conduzido a…

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Talk @UFF, Thiago Guerreiro (PUC-Rio), Friday May 26th, 11.00

Next Friday, May 26th at 11.00, in room A5-01 we’ll have our next group seminar at the Infoptics group at UFF: Thiago Guerreiro (PUC-Rio) will talk about “Quantum Mechanical Probes for Fundamental Physics”. All are welcome! For an abstract, please see below. Read the rest of this entry »

Talk @UFF, Paola Concha Obando (UFF), Friday May 12th, 11.00

This week’s talk at the Infoptics group at UFF will be given by Paola Concha Obando (UFF), next Friday (May 12th) at 11.00 in room A5-01. The title is: “Trace-distance correlations for X states”, and all are welcome to attend! For an abstract, please see below. Read the rest of this entry »