II Workshop on Quantum Information and Thermodynamics – IIP Natal – 11 to 22/03 (via SPIN off QuBIT)

Official website: https://www.iip.ufrn.br/eventsdetail.php?inf===QTUFFe OVERVIEW During the last decades, the field known as Quantum Thermodynamics has attracted high interest from the scientific community, not only from physicists, but also from computer science and engineering. The recent litereature witnessed a significant increase in the volume of articles on the thermodynamics of small systems, where quantum mechanics become […]

via II Workshop on Quantum Information and Thermodynamics – IIP Natal – 11 to 22/03 — SPIN off QuBIT


2 postdoc positions at the IIP-UFRN

The International Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (IIP-UFRN) is expecting to fill two post-doctoral research positions in the fields of theoretical Quantum Information, Quantum Causality and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. One of the positions will be funded by IIP-UFRN while the other position is part of the project “Q-CAUSAL – Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems” funded by the Templeton Foundation.

Successful candidates should demonstrate a high level of expertise and strong academic record working within these or closely related areas. Candidates with a good knowledge of machine learning and convex optimization techniques are specially welcome. The research will be pursued in close collaboration with the experimental group of Prof. Fabio Sciarrino at the University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy). Strong ability of a candidate to conduct interdisciplinary research in those and the other fields of research at IIP will be considered as an additional merit by the Selection Committee.

The starting date for the positions can be negotiated but is expected to be in the period between March 2019 and June 2019. The post-doctoral appointments will be for two years (possibly extendible to one more year depending on mutual agreement) with a tax free monthly salary of R$ 7.000,00 (seven thousand Brazilian Reais).

Interested candidates should send their CV with a list of publications, a short research statement and at least two letters of reference (in English) to Prof. Rafael Chaves (qipositions@iip.ufrn.br).

The IIP-UFRN is located in the city of Natal in the Northeast of Brazil. It is a research institute of an international character, focused on the theoretical research in the modern areas of fundamental physics. Aiming at a leading role in the region, the Institute supports vast exchange, visitor and conference programs. For more information on our research and other academic activities please check our website at http://www.iip.ufrn.br/qiqm

Talk @UFF, Tiago Mendes (ICTP), Friday Dec. 14th, 11:00

This week’s talk at UFF will be given by Tiago Mendes (ICTP), and its title is “Detecting universal properties of lattice models with entanglement Hamiltonians”. It’ll be next Friday, Dec. 14th, at 11:00 in room A5-01, all are welcome to attend. For an abstract, please see below. Read the rest of this entry »

Talk @UFF, Paola Concha Obando, Friday Dec. 7th, 11:00

This week’s talk at the Infoptics group at UFF will be given by Paola Concha Obando (UFF), with title: “Non-Markovian processes in open quantum systems”. It’ll take place next Friday, Dec. 7th, in room A5-01, at 11:00, all are welcome! For an abstract, please see below. Read the rest of this entry »

QM Talks@CBPF: Alexis Hernández — 06/12, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

The year is about to finish… but we continue full power. This week our series of seminars QM Talks@CBPF, have the pleasure to welcome Alexis Hernández, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Alexis has many interests within physics (and outside of it as well!). This time he’ll tell us about a nonlinear description of Hall voltages. See details below.

Title: Investigating transverse Hall voltages using two-terminal setups

Speaker: Alexis Hernández (UFRJ)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 06/12, 16h00

Abstract: In this talk, we present a method to numerically study transverse Hall voltages using an alternative quantity in two-terminal setups. Using nonlinear transport concepts, we find that the Hall voltage dependence on the model parameters can be investigated from the difference between the injectivities of each terminal. The method is suitable to work with nonequilibrium Green’s functions as well as for scattering matrix approaches. We illustrate the proposed idea by…

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Paper by Leandro Aolita (UFRJ/ICTP-SAIFR) published in PRL, highlighted by SBF

Leandro Aolita (UFRJ/ICTP-SAIFR) has just had a paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, and highlighted by the weekly SBF bulletin (where you can watch a video of Leandro explaining the results). In this collaboration with researchers from Germany and Poland, Leandro investigates ways to certify that quantum simulators of fermionic systems are behaving correctly. Congratulations!

Quantum mechanics featured in Canal Saúde, Fiocruz’s TV channel

This week a few of us have appeared in TV show Unidiversidade (Canal Saúde – Fiocruz) discussing quantum physics. The show was recorded at Rio’s Planetário, and featured Letícia Palhares (UERJ), Guilherme Temporão (PUC-Rio), Alexandre Cherman (Planetário), Ernesto Galvão (UFF) and Reinaldo de Melo (UFF). For the curious among you: the show is available online here, and is about 25 min long.