QM Talks@CBPF: Fabrício Toscano (IF-UFRJ) — 25.09, 14:30h

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Dear All,

our QM Talks@CBPF series keeps its momentum! Next week we have Fabrício Toscano from IF-UFRJ speaking about generalized uncertainty relations, which are sort of more experimentally friendly and can even be used to detect entanglement! See details below. Notice the time change, from now on our seminars will be 14:30h!!

Speaker: Fabrício Toscano (IF-UFRJ)

Title: Uncertainty Relation for coarse-grained measurements and their use for entanglement detection

Coordinates: 25.09, 14:30h @ CBPF Seminar room 601C

Abstract: In Quantum Mechanics, mathematical inequalities that originate from the fact that measured quantities are directly associated to non-commuting operators are generically called uncertainty relations. In continuos variable (CV) systems the best known of these inequalities is the Heisenberg uncertainty relation (HUR), which sets a bound on the product of the variances of the observables “position” and “momentum”. The second better known uncertainty relation involves the Shannon entropies of the probabilities densities functions of…

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