Colloquium @CBPF: Raymond Laflamme — 26.11, 16h

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Because of the NMR-QIP in Rio, the last week of November will gather big names of quantum information sciences at CBPF. We take this chance to have a colloquium delivered by Raymond Laflame! Laflame, whose PhD advisor was Stephen Hawking (yes, you read that!), is a pioneer of quantum information sciences with groundbreaking results like the KLM (he is the L) scheme for quantum computation with linear optics, quantum error correction codes, DQC1, innumerous contributions to quantum information processing with NMR, and… I cannot list all his contributions!

I hope by now you are convinced that you cannot miss this talk! Here are the details:

Speaker: Raymond Laflamme (Institute for Quantum Computing – University of Waterloo)

Title: Quantum Error Correction: from theory to practice

Coordinates: 26.11, 16:00h @ CBPF 6th floor auditorium

Abstract: Quantum information science promises to produce new technologies that marry two theories that have had a…

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