UFRJ Quantum Optics Group Seminar – 09/12/2013

Imaging spatial correlations

Reuben Aspden – University of Glasgow

Time/Place:  15hs, Instituto de Física, UFRJ (Bloco A CT – sala 343)


Spatial variables of quantum entangled photons are of great interest due to their high dimensional state space which leads to applications for example in QKD. Their measurement have, however, been fundamentally limited in efficiency by the need to scan a detector across the field of view, inherently limiting the measurement efficiency to a maximum of 1/N where N is the number of detected pixels. I will present recent results from Glasgow where we use an intensifying CCD (ICCD) camera to detect across the full field of view simultaneously. This has the attraction of not only increasing the detection efficiency over a high number of spatial states but also opening up possibilities for new forms of single photon measurement. I will present results looking at different aspects of spatial correlations and also discuss the role the ICCD and spatial light modulators (SLM) play in our system.


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