PhD thesis viva @UFF, March 20th: Daniel Brod

This Thursday, March 20th, at 2pm Daniel Jost Brod will have his PhD thesis examination at UFF. His thesis “The computational power of non-interacting particles”, supervised by me (Ernesto), examines  how fermionic and bosonic statistics affects the complexity of the dynamics. Daniel’s thesis includes results that appeared in six papers:

1. arXiv:1311.1622 Efficient experimental validation of photonic boson sampling, N. Spagnolo et al. (submitted for publication)

2. arXiv:1308.1463 The computational power of matchgates and the XY interaction on arbitrary graphs, Daniel J. Brod, Andrew M. Childs (accepted for publication in Quant. Inf. Comp.)

3. arXiv:1305.3188 General rules for bosonic bunching in multimode interferometers, N. Spagnolo et al.,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 130503 (2013)

4. arXiv:1212.2783 Experimental boson sampling in arbitrary integrated photonic circuits, A. Crespi et al.Nature Photonics 7, 545 (2013)

5. arXiv:1207.2126 Geometries for universal quantum computation with matchgates, Daniel J. Brod, Ernesto F. Galvão, Phys. Rev. A 86, 052307 (2012)

6. arXiv:1106.1863 Extending matchgates into universal quantum computation, Daniel J. Brod, Ernesto F. Galvão, Phys. Rev. A 84, 022310 (2011)

Papers 1, 3 and 4 above are part of an on-going collaboration with the groups of Fabio Sciarrino and Paolo Mataloni (Rome) and Roberto Osellame (Milan), who have been performing exquisitely crafted experiments with photonic chips; we’ve been helping with the theory side: design, tomography, and associated theoretical results. Paper 2 above is the result of Daniel’s 5-month visit to the IQC, where he worked under the supervision of Andrew Childs.

The thesis examination will happen in room 201 of the Physics Building at UFF, all are welcome to attend!  If all goes according to plan, Daniel will take up a prestigious 3-year-long postdoctoral fellowship at Perimeter Institute, starting next September.

PS: Congratulations to Daniel, who’s passed his examination with flying colours! And a big thank you to the examiners: Luiz Davidovich (UFRJ), Fernando Melo (CBPF), Antonio Zelaquett Khoury (UFF) and Marcelo Sarandy (UFF). Picture below:

Left to right: Fernando, Ernesto, Daniel, Zelaquett, Marcelo, Luiz.

Left to right: Fernando, Ernesto, Daniel, Zelaquett, Marcelo, Luiz.


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