QM Talks@CBPF: Bruno Juliá-Díaz — 28.04, 16h

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Our next QM Talk@CBPF will be given by Bruno Juliá-Diaz, from the University of Barcelona. Bruno is currently visiting the qig@CBPF, more specifically he is collaborating with Itzhak Roditi, and will stay here up to 05.05. You can find the details of his talk below.

See you there!

Speaker: Bruno Juliá-Diaz (U. Barcelona)

Coordinates: auditorium 5th floor, CBPF. 28.04, 16h

Title: Bosonic Josephson junctions: Spin-squeezing, fragmentation and shortcuts to adiabaticity

Abstract: I will consider a gas of ultracold atoms at zero temperature trapped in a double-well potential. In the simplest case the system can be described using just two modes. I ll go through the different quantum many-body correlations present in the ground state of the system depending on the character of the atom-atom interactions.
Afterwards, I ll discuss the presence of pseudo-spin squeezed states in the spectrum and a way to produce them in fast times using…

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