Seminar Philip Walther @ IF/UFRJ, Monday April 28th 15:00

This week we are lucky to have a visit from Philip Walther, he will give a seminar at IF/UFRJ on Monday April 28th at 15:00

(Room 312, Bloco A, CT – Fundão)

Philip Walther – University of Vienna

Title: Quantum computing and (related) quantum foundation experiments using single photons


The advantages of the photons makes optical quantum system ideally suited
for a variety of applications in quantum information processing. Here I will
briefly review secure or privacy-preserving photonic quantum cloud
computing, where quantum information is securely communicated and computed.
Related to this measurement-based quantum computing I will discuss new
experimental insights into the verification of quantum computing. Based on
the utilization of integrated waveguides I will also present new results on
resource-efficient intermediate quantum computing utilizing the Bosonic
nature of photons.
As outlook I will discuss the current status of new quantum experiments that
are related to the foundations of quantum physics. Following a proposal by
Asher Peres we aim to carry out a single-photon experiment to search for the
signature of quaternions (instead of complex numbers) in a quantum-physical


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