Seminar @UFF, Mohammad Ali Rajabpour (USP São Carlos): Equilibration after quantum quench

Next Tuesday, June 24th, at 11am we’ll have the next Quantum Information and Quantum Optics seminar at IF-UFF, this time jointly with the Condensed Matter group. Mohammad Ali Rajabpour (USP São Carlos) will be talking about “Equilibration after quantum quench in a couple of long-range systems”. All are welcome to attend! For more information, please see below.

When and where: Tuesday June 24th, 2014, room A5-01, 11 am, 1P floor, Physics Building at UFF.

Speaker: Mohammad Ali Rajabpour (USP São Carlos)

Title: Equilibration after quantum quench in a couple of long-range systems

Abstract: In this talk I will first pedagogically review the concept of the equilibration and thermalization in quantum mechanical systems. Then I will describe how the recent experiments forced us to look back to the foundations of non-equilibrium quantum statistical mechanics and investigate generalized Gibbs ensemble (GGE)   as the correct description for the equilibration in integrable models. Then I will give you two examples of exactly solvable long-range quantum systems that can be described by GGE.


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