QM Talks@CBPF: Olivier Brodier – 11.08, 16h

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

It’s being quite intense these days at CBPF. Discussions varying from foundations of quantum mechanics, with Bell-inequalities and quantum correlations playing central roles, up to the (also) foundations of quantum thermodynamics!
Olivier Brodier, from Université de Tours, will present in our QM Talks@CBPF series an introduction to the main difficulties and some success of this growing field of quantum thermodynamics. See details below, and be sure to show up! See you there.

Speaker: Olivier Brodier (Université de Tours)

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 11.08, 16:00h

Title: Jarzynski : from classical to quantum work

Abstract: I will remind the central result from Jarzynski, the so-called Jarzynski’s equality, and I will describe how it is derived in the classical case and the recent attempts to generalize it in the quantum case. One problem I will focus on is how to define a “work operator” in quantum mechanics.

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