colloquium Phillipe Grangier @ IF/UFRJ 02/10/2014 11 am

Here are the details everyone, hope you can make it!

Colóquio IF/50ANOS

Data: 02/10 QUINTA-FEIRA

Hora: 11:00hs (será servido um lanche às 10:40

Local: CT – Bloco A, 3o andar, sala 343


“Quantum Optics and Quantum Communications using Non-Gaussian States of Light”

Philippe Grangier

Laboratoire Charles Fabry, Institut d’Optique Graduate School, France


During recent years, much progress has been achieved for generating non-Gaussian states of the light, such as Fock states, or optical “Schrödinger’s cat” states, in the microwave but also in the optical domain. Such states can be used for various quantum information protocols, including remote entanglement preparation, or non-deterministic noiseless amplification. Novel stimulating perspectives are opened  by the possibility to implement photon-photon interactions,  using for instance cold Rydberg atoms in an optical cavity. We will review these recent developments, and discuss open perspectives for quantum information processing and communications.


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