26/11/14 16:00 Talk @ UFRJ: Robin Kaiser – Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis

Wednesday November 26, 16:00H, Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, sala 343.

Robin Kaiser – Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis

Title: Cooperative scattering of light in atomic samples : from Anderson Localization to Dicke Subradiance

The quest for Anderson localization of light is at the center of many experimental and theoretical activities.
Cold atoms have emerged as interesting quantum system to study coherent transport properties of light.
Initial experiments have established that dilute samples with large optical thickness allow studying weak localization of light.
The goal of our research is to study coherent transport of photons in dense samples.
One important aspect is the quest of Anderson localization of light with cold atoms and its relation
to Dicke super- or subradiance and possibly to many body physics with long range interactions.
In this talk I will give an overview on our research and present results on cooperative scattering of light by cold atoms.


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