V Quantum Information School and Workshop of Paraty

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Everyone is waiting and asking for it… Fear not! The first announcement about the Quantum Information School and Workshop of Paraty is out!

Image by Daniel Cavalcanti Image by Daniel Cavalcanti

Check the dates and all the info at: http://www.paratyquantum.info/

Just as small teaser, look at the impressive line-up of lecturers and topics below.

Richard Jozsa (Cambridge, UK) Classical simulation of quantum computations
Philip Walther (Vienna, Austria) Quantum information processing with photons
Olivier Pfister (Virginia, USA) Recent advances in continuous-variable quantum information: on the (long?) road toward a massively scalable, fault-tolerant universal quantum computer
Fernando Brandão (UCL, UK) Quantum thermodynamics
Ernesto F. Galvão (UFF, Brazil) Ingredients for universal quantum computation
Matthew LaHaye (Syracuse, USA) Mechanical Quantum Systems

As in the previous editions, we’ll follow the recipe of combining a great atmosphere with high level lectures and discussions!
Stay tuned, and see you in Paraty!!

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