04/03/15 15:30H Talk @ UFRJ – Felix Binder – University of Oxford – UK

Title: Thermodynamics beyond weak coupling


Accurately describing work extraction from a quantum system is a central
objective for the extension of thermodynamics to individual quantum
systems. The concepts of work and heat, however, are surprisingly subtle
when generalizations are made to arbitrary quantum
states and system evolutions; their conventional definitions are not
applicable in these regimes. Nonetheless it is possible to formulate
an operational thermodynamics of open quantum systems undergoing
general quantum evolution. We derive the first law of thermodynamics
for a process described by a completely-positive and trace-preserving
map and show consistency with a similarly operational formulation of
the second law. We show that heat, from the first law, is positive
when the input state of the map majorises the output state. Moreover,
the change in entropy is also positive for the same majorisation
condition. This makes a strong connection between the two operational
laws of thermodynamics.

UFRJ- Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, sala 343


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