Paraty V: Applications open!

Paraty V

Applications are open to the fifth edition of Paraty Quantum Information School and Workshop. All the information can be obtained at Below you can find some important dates. Make your registration, and stay tuned!

01 March (Sunday) – 12 April (Sunday) – School application period.

01 March (Sunday) – 17 May (Sunday) – Workshop application period.

13 April (Monday) – 17 April (Friday) – Selection and notification of School participants

18 May (Monday) – 24 May (Sunday) – Selection and notification of Workshop participants

25 May (Monday) – 10 July (Friday) – Fee payment period (lower fees)

11 July (Monday) – 02 August (Sunday) – Late applications (subject to availability)

11 July (Monday) – 15 August (Saturday) – Late payment period (higher fees)

03 August (Monday) – Conference Buses leaving from Rio and São Paulo (pending demand and availability)

04 August (Tuesday) – 08 August (Saturday) – School

10 August (Monday) – Workshop registration.

11 August (Tuesday) – 15 August (Saturday) – Workshop


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