Talk monday May 11th – UFRJ – M. Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory)

Seminário  do Departamento de Física doSólidos, UFRJ
Segunda-feira, 11 de May de 2015  às 11:00
Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco A, sala 432


Towards a CMOS quantum computing architecture

M. Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba
Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory

There  is a wide range of physical systems being actively explored to represent qubits. Those based on silicon benefit from a number of intrinsic advantages (such as long coherence times) combined  with  the  scalability  of  a  solid-state  approach  and  the  extensive  industrial infrastructure  of  silicon  transistor  technology.  Nanodevices  based  on  spins  in  silicon  have demonstrated a number of key recent advantages, including high-fidelity single-spin readout. Such  measurements  show  the  potential  of  silicon-based  qubits,  however,  the  milestone  of demonstrating  qubits  in  devices  fabricated  by  industrial  CMOS  processes  remains  to  be demonstrated.In this talk, I will  present  recent  results on split-gate CMOS transistors that  demonstrate  the possibility  to  store,  transfer  and  read  single  electron  spins,  all  milestones  towards  the  first experimental demonstration of an all CMOS qubit.Finally, I will conclude my talk  showing the road map towards a full scalable integration of this  technology.  From  the  single  qubit  CMOS  cell,  towards  the  line  and  the  surface  codearchitectures.


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