Seminar 11/05/2015 – IF/UFRJ – Werner Vögel – Universität Rostock – Germany

Seminar Monday May 11th, 15:30 H,  IF/UFRJ – Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, room 343.
Werner Vögel – Universität Rostock – Germany
Nonclassicality versus entanglement measures
The notions of nonclassicality and entanglement are formulated in terms of quasiprobabilities. Their negativities are necessary and sufficient for the existence of quantum effects. The algebraic structure of such states is used as the basis for the quantification of nonclassicality and entanglement. This yields universal measures for both kinds of quantum phenomena.  It turns out that the quantifications of nonclassicality and entanglement can be unified on this basis. We also consider multipartite states and verify the entanglement with respect to all state partitions. Our method is applied to experiments, to varify full entanglement of a complex frequency-comb quantum state.

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