QM Talks@CBPF: Fernando Nicacio – 23.09, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Giving continuity to our series of seminars, this week we’ll have Fernando Nicacio, aka Boiuna, among us. Fernando was advised by Raul Vallejos (qig@CBPF), and at the moment he holds a postdoc position at UFABC, working on quantum thermodynamics. Boiuna is a very charismatic person who can discuss quantum mechanics as easily and passionately as he can discuss the lyrics of the next Carnival “samba enredos” — two major issues here in Rio.

The details of his talk are below. If you are interested in good physics delivered in a good mood way, be sure not to miss Fernando Nicacio’s talk!
See you there.

Speaker: Fernando Nicacio (UFABC)

Title: Effective Dynamics of Harmonic Networks in a Thermal Environment

Coordinates: room 601D, CBPF. 23.09, 16h00

Abstract: In this seminar, we will perform a thoroughly study of the dynamics of an arbitrary network of coupled harmonic oscillators aiming at the establishment of…

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