20/10/15 11:00H Talk @ UFRJ – Olivier Buisson – Institut Néel – Grenoble, France

Title: Introduction on superconducting qubits a promissing system for quantum information


During the last decade, it has been shown that superconducting electrons dynamics inside nano-circuits follow quantum law at very low temperature. These circuits appear as artificial atoms whose properties are fixed by electronics compounds (capacitance, inductance, tunnel barrier). These parameters are adjustable during the nano-fabrication process, leading to realisation of superconducting qubits. Currently they appear as one of the most promissing experimental system for quantum information. During my presentation, I will introduce such superconducting qubits and their quantum properties.

UFRJ- Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, sala 343

Observação: Será um seminário especial. A palestra terá uma duração de aprox. 90 mins e um formato de lecture introdutório, adequado tanto para especialistas quanto para estudantes sem background no tema.


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