17/11/15 11:00H Talk @ UFRJ – HongWen Jiang – UCLA

Title: Can Charge Qubits Compete with Spin Qubits?


Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) are a leading approach for the implementation of solid-state based qubits.  In principle, either charge or spin can be used to encode a qubit. However, in the last ten years or so, disproportionally large number of research has been devoted to spin qubits, mainly because of the relatively long single-qubit depahsing times for spin qubits.  In this talk I represent a sequence of experimental results on QDs based charge qubits, both one-qubit and two-qubit gate operations.  The finding of this research appears to against the conventional wisdom that charge qubits are inferior comparing to spin qubits for semiconducting materials. We found that, at current stage, trading shorter dephasing time for faster qubit operation time, charge qubits can perform equivalently well in the two-qubit level.  We argue that with a better control of pulse-shape and a better design the QD dispersion relations, charge qubits may become a force to contend with in the scalable quantum computation arena.

UFRJ- Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, sala 343


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