14/12/15 15:30H Talk @ UFRJ – Julien Armijo – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Title: Multipulse correlation spectroscopy for unambiguous high precision NMR with a single spin diamond quantum sensor


I will report on recent nanoscale NMR experiments performed with near-surface nitrogen-vacancy centers in a diamond chip. By detecting the oscillating temporal correlation between two consecutive multipulse sequences rather than single multipulse signals, we probe the free precession of nuclear spins and are able to unambiguously identify the probed NMR species, devoid of any harmonics artifacts. We further show that by engineering different Hamiltonians during the free evolution, the two hyperfine coupling parameters can be selectively measured with high precision, limited only by the spin lattice relaxation time T1. These techniques will be useful for high precision mapping of nuclear coordinates in molecules en route to imaging their three-dimensional structure. 

UFRJ- Centro de Tecnologia do Fundão, Bloco A, sala 343


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