Classical communication cost of quantum steering

Researcher Leandro Aolita, from the  UFRJ, in collaboration with researchers Ana B. Sainz and Paul  Skrzypczyk (University of Bristol), Rodrigo Gallego (Freie Universität Berlin), and Nicolas Brunner (Université de Genève), have posted a new paper in the arXiv about the amount of classical communication required to fake the steering correlations in entangled quantum states  without entanglement. See A brief description of the work follows.


The phenomenon of quantum steering recently received considerable attention. The present work provides a fresh perspective on this genuinely quantum effect, by exploring the classical communication cost of quantum steering. Notably, we show that infinite communication is required for classically simulating the statistics of steering for pure entangled states, as well as for a class of mixed entangled states. This represents a striking difference with the case of Bell nonlocality, where a single bit of communication was shown to be enough. Moreover, we discuss the communication cost of steering for approximate simulations. Our work provides a natural way of measuring the strength of steering.


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