New Article: Multipartite concurrence for identical-fermion systems

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

Peter A. Bouvrie, aka Alex, a postdoc from the qig@CBPF, has recently published a PRA in collaboration with the quantum information group from UFRJ, and colleagues from Mexico e Argentina — a Latin America collaboration! See the details below, and read the article here

Title: Multipartite concurrence for identical-fermion systems

Authors: A. P. Majtey, P. A. Bouvrie, A. Valdés-Hernández, and A. R. Plastino

Abstract: We study the problem of detecting multipartite entanglement among indistinguishable fermionic particles. A multipartite concurrence for pure states of N identical fermions, each one having a d-dimensional single-particle Hilbert space, is introduced. Such an entanglement measure, in particular, is optimized for maximally entangled states of three identical fermions that play a role analogous to the usual (qubit) Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state. In addition, it is shown that the fermionic multipartite concurrence can be expressed as the mean value of an observable, provided two copies of the composite state…

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