Talk @UFF, Paola C. Obando, Friday April 8th, 11.00

Next Friday, April 8th, at 11.00 we’ll have our next group seminar at the Infoptics group (UFF).  Paola Obando will be talking about “Non-Markovianity through Multipartite Correlation Measures”. All are welcome to attend! Please see the abstract below.

Data: Sexta-Feira 08/04/2016, Sala A5-01, 11 am.

Palestrante:  Paola C. Obando (UFF)

Título: Non-Markovianity through Multipartite Correlation Measures

Abstract: We provide a characterization of memory effects in non-Markovian system-bath interactions from a quantum information perspective. More specifically, we establish sufficient conditions for which generalized measures of multipartite quantum, classical, and total correlations can be used to quantify the degree of non-Markovianity of a local quantum decohering process.  We illustrate our results by considering the dynamical behavior of the trace-distance correlations in multi-qubit systems under local dephasing and generalized amplitude damping.

[2]Phys.Rev.Lett.105,050403 (2010).
[4]Phys.Rev.A 91,032115,(2015).


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