QM Talks@CBPF: Roberto M. Serra – 18.05, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

This week we have many guests visiting the qig@CBPF: Roberto Serra (UFABC), Thiago Batalhão (UFABC), and Cristhiano Duarte (UFMG). Serra and Thiago are here to fine tune some details about an experiment our NMR crew is performing; while Cristhiano is here to work in a project on quantum channels from coarse-grained dynamics in collaboration with Fernando de Melo (that’s me).

We take this chance and asked Serra to deliver a talk on his latest results (which by the way involve some collaboration with the qig@CBPF). See the details below. See you there.

Title: Irreversibility and Maxwell’s Demons in quantum systems

Speaker: Roberto M. Serra – UFABC

Coordinates: Auditorium 6th floor, CBPF. 18.05, 16h00

Abstract: Maxwell’s demon explores the role of information in physical processes. Employing information about microscopic degrees of freedom, this “intelligent observer” is capable of compensating entropy production (or extracting work), apparently challenging the second law of…

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