Talk @UFF, Enrique Solano (U. Basque Country), Tuesday Aug. 23rd, 11:00

This Tuesday, August 23rd at the infoptics group at UFF we’ll have a talk by Enrique Solano (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao), at 11:00 in room A5-01 (please note the unusual day). Enrique is visiting Rio for a few days, and this Tuesday we’ll be lucky to have him at UFF. All are welcome to attend! Please see below for an abstract.

Tuesday August 23rd, 11:00, Room A5-01, Physics Building (UFF)

SPEAKER: Prof. Enrique Solano (University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)

TITLE: New trends on quantum simulations

ABSTRACT: I will introduce two novel concepts in the field of quantum simulations: digital-analog quantum simulations (DAQS) and embedding quantum simulators (EQS). In DAQS, we merge the digital and analog paradigms via a suitable sequence of analog blocks and digital steps, which allows for a simplified path towards the engineering of more complex quantum dynamics. Analog blocks consist in bipartite or multipartite operations providing the complexity of the simulated model, while digital steps are responsible for the versatility of it. EQS aims at the implementation of unphysical operations in the lab, as is the case of complex conjugation, via the use of only one ancillary qubit. In this manner, it is possible to measure entanglement of an evolving quantum system with few observables and without the necessity of full tomography. Finally, I will explain how to adapt these ideas to different quantum platforms.


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