Talk @UFF, Yelena Guryanova, Thurs. Dec. 1st, 11.00

This week our group seminar at UFF will happen exceptionally on Thursday, Dec. 1st, at 11.00, in room A5-01. This time round we have the visit of Yelena Guryanova (IQOQI- Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Vienna), who’ll give a talk entitled: “Thermodynamics of quantum systems with multiple conserved quantities”. All are welcome to attend! Please find the abstract below.

Title: Thermodynamics of quantum systems with multiple conserved quantities

Abstract: We consider a generalisation of thermodynamics that deals with multiple conserved quantities at the level of individual quantum systems. Each conserved quantity, which, importantly, need not commute with the rest, can be extracted and stored in its own battery. Unlike in standard thermodynamics, where the second law places a constraint on how much of the conserved quantity (energy) one can extract, here on the contrary, there is no limit on how much of any individual conserved quantity that one can extract. In order to do this other conserved quantities must be supplied, and the  second law constrains the combination of extractable quantities and the trade-offs between them which are allowed. We present explicit protocols which allow us to perform arbitrarily good trade-offs and extract arbitrarily good combinations of conserved quantities from individual quantum systems.


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