Talk@UFF, 31/3, 11:00, Vasilis Kiosses (UFG)

Next Friday (31/3) at 11:00, Room A5-01, we’ll be resuming the quantum information/quantum optics talks at our Infoptics group. This week we’ll have Vasilis Kiosses (UFG) talking about “Spin and localization of relativistic fermions and uncertainty relations”. All are welcome to attend! Please see below for an abstract.

Data: Sexta-Feira 31/03/2017, Sala A5-01, 11 am.

Palestrante: Vasilis Kiosses (UFG)

Título: Spin and localization of relativistic fermions and uncertainty relations

Abstract: We discuss relations between several relativistic spin observables and derive a Lorentz-invariant characteristic of a reduced spin density matrix. A relativistic position operator that satisfies all the properties of its nonrelativistic analog does not exist. Instead we propose two causality-preserving positive operator-valued measures (POVMs) that are based on projections onto one-particle and antiparticle spaces, and on the normalized energy density. They predict identical expectation values for position. The variances differ by less than a quarter of the squared de Broglie wavelength and coincide in the nonrelativistic limit. Since the resulting statistical moment operators are not canonical conjugates of momentum, the Heisenberg uncertainty relations need not hold. Indeed, the energy density POVM leads to a lower uncertainty.

Phys.Rev.A 94, 062115 (2016)


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