Talk @UFF, Michał Oszmaniec, Wednesday Aug. 30th, 11:00

The VI Paraty Quantum Information Workshop is ending today, and next week we’ll take the opportunity to host Michał Oszmaniec (Gdansk) at UFF. Next Wednesday, Aug. 30th, at 11:00 in room A5-01 Michał will be giving a talk titled: “Preparation contextuality in continuous subtheories of quantum mechanics”. All are welcome to attend! For more details, see below.

Palestrante: Michał Oszmaniec (National Quantum Information Centre, Gdansk, Poland)

Título: Preparation contextuality in continuous subtheories of quantum mechanics

Resumo: We show that under very general conditions continuous subtheories of finite-dimensional quantum mechanics exhibit preparation contextuality or, equivalently, cannot be described by positive quasiprobability representations. Our result directly implies preparation contextuality of restricted models of computation based on passive bosonic and passive fermionic linear optics, active fermionic linear optics, or matchgates. These fragments of quantum theory are believed to give only a limited computational power, compared to the full quantum mechanics. Therefore, our findings show that preparation contextuality cannot be regarded as a resource for these restricted computational models.


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