Talk @UFF, Itay Hen (USC – L.A.), Tuesday Oct. 3rd, 11.00

Next week we’ll be hosting Itay Hen (USC – Los Angeles), who’ll be giving a Colloquium on adiabatic quantum computing next Tuesday, Oct. 3rd, at 11.00 in room 201 of the Physics building at UFF. All are welcome! Please check below for an abstract.
Data/Horário: terça-feira (03/10) às 11h
Local: Sala 201 do IF-UFF
Palestrante: Itay Hen (USC – Los Angeles).
Título: Power of Adiabatic Quantum Computing: Theory and Reality

The paradigm of Adiabatic Quantum Computing (AQC) is a simple yet intriguing approach to problem solving on a quantum computer. Unlike the more recognized quantum circuit model, AQC is an analog method that does not require the use of quantum gates and is therefore considered by many easier to implement. I will discuss recent theoretical developments in the field of AQC as well as our current understanding  of the power and limitations of experimental quantum adiabatic processors.


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