Talk @UFRJ, Frederico Brito (USP), Monday 16/10, 15H30

The Quantum Optics and Information Group (UFRJ) is proud to announce tomorrow’s seminar, which will be given by Frederico Brito (USP). We invite all to come!

See the details of the talk below:

MONDAY, October 16th, at 15H30
in room 343 (3rd floor of block A of the Technology Center building)

“Quantum work by a single photon”
Frederico Brito (USP)

The work performed by a classical electromagnetic field on a quantum dipole is well known in quantum optics, where the absorbed power linearly depends on the time derivative of the average dipole moment. However, the problem concerning the work performed by a single-photon state on a quantum dipole still lacks an answer. As a matter of fact, the average quantum dipole moment exactly vanishes in such a scenario. In this talk, we address this problem. For that, quantum work is defined as the unitary contribution to the energy variation of the quantum dipole. It is shown that this definition furnishes a correspondence with the energy spent by the photon pulse to dynamically Stark shift the dipole. On the other hand, the non-unitary contribution to the dipole energy is defined here as a generalized quantum heat. It is shown that this generalized quantum heat is the energy corresponding to out-of-equilibrium photon absorption and emission. By providing physical means for being accessed, such connections for quantum work and generalized heat represent a step forward for such definitions. However, despite that advance, a quantitative relation between the generalized quantum heat and entropy production is still missing.


You can incorporate our calendar to your Google Calendar and have information about all the confirmed seminars using this link.


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