Talk @UFRJ, Marcelo Terra Cunha, Monday 06/11, 15H30

The Quantum Optics and Information Group (UFRJ) is proud to announce next week’s seminar, which will be given by Marcelo Terra Cunha (UNICAMP). We invite all to come!

See the details of the talk below:

MONDAY, November 6th, at 15H30
in room 343 (3rd floor of block A of the Technology Center building)

“Is quantum theory just about exclusivity?”
Marcelo Terra Cunha (UNICAMP)

Quantum Theory is a very successful set of rules about calculating probabilities of measurement outcomes. But what is it really about? This naive question is still open… Probably, the most basic non-classical feature of quantum theory is contextuality: the failure of conciliating the probabilities prescribed by quantum theory with averaging over models with definite answers for any question. In this talk we must review the notion of contextuality and its exclusivity-graph approach, introduced by Cabello, Severini, and Winter. Then we will elaborate on the question: can the exclusivity principle generate the same set of correlations of quantum theory?

You can incorporate our calendar to your Google Calendar and have information about all the confirmed seminars using this link.


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