Talk @UFRJ, Nadja Bernardes, Monday 27/11, 15H30

The Quantum Optics and Information Group (UFRJ) is proud to announce next week’s seminar, which will be given by Nadja Bernardes (UFPE). We invite all to come!

See the details of the talk below:

MONDAY, November 27th, at 15H30
in room 343 (3rd floor of block A of the Technology Center building)

“Probing quantum fluctuation theorems in engineered reservoirs”
Nadja Bernardes (UFPE)

Fluctuation Theorems are central in stochastic thermodynamics, as they allow for quantifying the irreversibility of single trajectories. Although they have been experimentally checked in the classical regime, a practical demonstration in the framework of quantum open systems is still to come. Here we propose a realistic platform to probe fluctuation theorems in the quantum regime. It is based on an effective two-level system coupled to an engineered reservoir, that enables the detection of the photons emitted and absorbed by the system. When the system is coherently driven, a measurable quantum component in the entropy production is evidenced. We quantify the error due to photon detection inefficiency, and show that the missing information can be efficiently corrected, based solely on the detected events. Our findings provide new insights into how the quantum character of a physical system impacts its thermodynamic evolution.

You can incorporate our calendar to your Google Calendar and have information about all the confirmed seminars using this link.


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