QM Talks@CBPF: Jean-Pierre Gazeau — 20.12, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

The year is getting to the end, but we are still full power! To finish the 2017 series of QM Talks@CBPF we have pleasure to receive Jean-Pierre Gazeau.
Prof. Gazeau is a emeritus professor from Université Paris Diderot, and a visiting professor at CBPF. Jean-Pierre has many contributions to theoretical physics, most specially to the theory of quantum mechanics, both in applied and fundamental aspects — some of his contributions can be found in his book Coherent States in Quantum Physics, or in his long list of publications. In this talk he will focus on some foundational aspects of quantum mechanics. Check out the details of the talk below, and see you there!

Title: Orientations in the plane as quantum states

Speaker: Jean-Pierre Gazeau (Diderot/CBPF)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 20.12, 16h00

Abstract: I will introduce and to discuss some of the most basic fundamental concepts of quantum physics…

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