Talk @UFRJ, Daniel Felinto, Monday 04/06, 15H30

The Quantum Optics and Information Group (UFRJ) is proud to announce this week’s seminar, which will be given by Daniel Felinto (UFPE). We invite all to come!

See the details of the talk below:

MONDAY, June 4th, at 15H30
in room 343 (3rd floor of block A of the Technology Center building)

“Closed Quantum Systems: exploring the coherent nature of spontaneous emission”
Daniel Felinto (UFPE)

The formation of collective entangled states on atomic ensembles is heralded by detection of photons spontaneously emitted by the sample. Its origin is the coherent interaction of atoms with the quantum reservoir of vacuum modes. Control of this process leads to important applications in quantum information. Here we present our recent work on the problem, focusing on two fronts. We first develop a bottom-up approach to the study of superradiance from particular quantum states. Later, we introduce our first results on non-volatile atomic memories generated in the linear scattering of light by a cold atomic cloud.


You can incorporate our calendar to your Google Calendar and have information about all the confirmed seminars using this link.


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