Talk @UFRJ, Gabriel Landi, Monday 11/06, 15H30

The Quantum Optics and Information Group (UFRJ) is proud to announce next week’s seminar, which will be given by Gabriel Landi (USP). We invite all to come!

See the details of the talk below:

MONDAY, June 11th, at 15H30
in room 343 (3rd floor of block A of the Technology Center building)

Gabriel Landi (USP)

Irreversibility is an emergent concept, stemming from the complex interaction of a macroscopically large number of particles. It is also one of the most important concepts in thermodynamics, with ramifications in diverse fields. Understanding irreversibility from the microscopic level constitutes an active topic of research, particularly in the case of quantum system where irreversibility is known to emerge due to the entanglement between a system and its environment. In this lecture I will discuss recent results concerning the use of quantum phase space technique to establish measures of entropy production, the key quantifier of irreversibility. We will show how our formalism enables one to identify phase space currents operating both in the system and in the bath and which are ultimately responsible for the emergence of irreversibility. Our model also allows full control over the environment’s degrees of freedom, which allows us to study also the interplay between irreversibility and the degree of non-Markovianity in a system. As we show, the system-environment mutual information is not a faithful witness of non-Markovianity, whereas the entropic distance of the environment from its initial state is. Finally, we will also discuss an application of these concepts to construct Onsager’s transport theory for the combined transfer of energy and squeezing in bosonic systems.

You can incorporate our calendar to your Google Calendar and have information about all the confirmed seminars using this link.


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