III Quantum Rio Workshop

Despite of all difficulties of the present, and uncertainties of the future, it is time to gather the quantum info community/family from Rio. The quantum Rio Workshop, now in its third edition, will take place at CBPF from the 5th to the 6th of November. See the tentative schedule below. More information at https://quantumrio.wordpress.com/iii-quantum-rio-workshop/

We hope to see all the family there!

Coordinates: Auditorium 6th floor, CBPF.

Dates: 05/11 and 06/11


Monday (05/11) Tuesday (06/11)
10h00 — 10h30 Welcome Coffee Welcome Coffee
10h30 — 11h00 José Augusto Fernando Nicácio
11h00 — 11h30 Thiago Guerreiro Reinaldo Faria
11h30 — 12h00 Alexandre Martins Frederico Brito
12h00 — 14h00 Lunch Lunch
14h00 — 14h30 Ranieri Nery Ernesto Galvão
14h30 — 15h00 Carlos Eduardo Alfredo Ozorio
15h00 — 16h00 coffee-break + poster coffee-break + poster
16h00h — 16h30 Thais L. Silva Eduardo Duzzioni
16h30h — 17h00 Fernando de Melo Antônio Zelaquett

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