QM Talks@CBPF: Alexis Hernández — 06/12, 16h00

Quantum Information Group @ CBPF

The year is about to finish… but we continue full power. This week our series of seminars QM Talks@CBPF, have the pleasure to welcome Alexis Hernández, from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Alexis has many interests within physics (and outside of it as well!). This time he’ll tell us about a nonlinear description of Hall voltages. See details below.

Title: Investigating transverse Hall voltages using two-terminal setups

Speaker: Alexis Hernández (UFRJ)

Coordinates: room 601C, CBPF. 06/12, 16h00

Abstract: In this talk, we present a method to numerically study transverse Hall voltages using an alternative quantity in two-terminal setups. Using nonlinear transport concepts, we find that the Hall voltage dependence on the model parameters can be investigated from the difference between the injectivities of each terminal. The method is suitable to work with nonequilibrium Green’s functions as well as for scattering matrix approaches. We illustrate the proposed idea by…

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