Talk @UFF, Paola Concha Obando, Friday Dec. 7th, 11:00

This week’s talk at the Infoptics group at UFF will be given by Paola Concha Obando (UFF), with title: “Non-Markovian processes in open quantum systems”. It’ll take place next Friday, Dec. 7th, in room A5-01, at 11:00, all are welcome! For an abstract, please see below.Data: Sexta-Feira 07/12/2018, Sala A5-01, 11 am.

Palestrante: Paola A. Concha Obando (UFF)

Title: Non-Markovian processes in open quantum systems.

Abstract:  Recent developments about the problem of decoherence in
quantum mechanics have heightened the need for the consistent description of open quantum systems [1, 2].  The theory of open quantum systems is fundamental to describe a wide range of applications of  quantum physics, since perfect isolation of quantum systems is not possible and since a complete microscopic  description or control of the environmental degrees of freedom is not feasible or only partially so.  Under certain conditions, there is a well-established treatment of the dynamics of open quantum systems in  which the open system’s time evolution is represented by Markovian quantum master equation, which is obtained if one assumes a  weak coupling system environment interaction. On the other hand, in many scenarios, a large separation between system  and environment time scales can no longer be assumed, leading to non- Markovian behavior and eventually a back-flow of  information from the environment into the system.
Basically, two main questions need to be discussed in this context [3]:

• What is a quantum Markovian process and hence what are non-Markovian
(characterization problem).

• If a given process deviates from Markovianity, by how much does it
deviate? (quan-
tification problem).

In this seminar, I intend to discuss these questions, showing some  results that were part my PhD research at Universidade Federal  Fluminense and  our last results in the non Markovian quantification  through quantum coherence, from a theoretical and experimental point of  view [3,4].

[1] BREUER, H.-P.; PETRUCCIONE, F. The theory of open quantum systems.  Oxford University Press on Demand, 2002.
[2] RIVAS, A.; HUELGA, S. F.; PLENIO, M. B. Quantum non-markovianity: characterization, quantification and detection. Reports on Progress in  Physics, IOP Publishing, v. 77, 2014.
[3] PAULA, F. M.; OBANDO, P. C.; SARANDY, M. S. Non-markovianity through
multipartite correlation measures. Physical Review A, APS, v. 93, n. 4, 2016.
[4] PASSOS, M. ; OBANDO, P. C. ; BALTHAZAR, W. F. ; PAULA, F. M. ;
HUGUENIN, J. A. O. ; SARANDY, M. S. . Non- Markovianity through quantum coherence in an  all-optical setup (Preprint) arXiv:1807.05378 [quant-ph], 2018.


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