Talk @UFF, Tiago Mendes (ICTP), Friday Dec. 14th, 11:00

This week’s talk at UFF will be given by Tiago Mendes (ICTP), and its title is “Detecting universal properties of lattice models with entanglement Hamiltonians”. It’ll be next Friday, Dec. 14th, at 11:00 in room A5-01, all are welcome to attend. For an abstract, please see below.Data: Sexta-Feira 14/12/2018, Sala A5-01, 11 am.

Palestrante: Tiago Mendes (ICTP)


Abstract:  The modular (or entanglement) Hamiltonian (EH) of a quantum
system provides an
alternative way to uniquely characterize its entanglement properties. In
particular, an
appealing fact, which can be explored in both numerical and real
experiments, is that the
ground state entanglement entropy is directly related to the
thermodynamic entropy of the
EH. However, in the context of lattice models, the explicit form of the
EH is analytically
known just for the quantum Ising model. On the other hand, a closed form
of the modular
EH is provided by the Bisognano-Wichmann (BW) for quantum field theory.
Here we
explore the lattice version of this theorem to construct the
entanglement Hamiltonian
for a variety of lattice models, supporting diverse quantum phases and
critical points,
and scanning several universality classes, including Ising, Potts, and
Luttinger liquids.
Extensive numerical simulations based on density matrix renormalization
group, exact
diagonalization, and quantum Monte Carlo, are then used to provide a
comparison between
exact results and the lattice version of BW theorem. Our results provide
evidence that the
lattice EH is close to the BW one. In particular, we show that the
entanglement entropy
obtained via the BW theorem properly decribes universal properties in
both one- and two-
dimensional lattice models.


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