II Quantum Rio Workshop

2017 was rough, but it is finishing… Although we are not sure that 2018 will be much better for science in Brazil, well, you know, it is time to get together and try to have some fun. That is what the Quantum Rio Workshop is all about! On the 30th of November and 1st of December the quantum information family from Rio will gather in CBPF. We won’t exchange gifts, but talks. See the tentative schedule below.

This year we have an addition to the family: Thiago Guerreiro has just returned from Gisin’s group to assume a professor position at the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio. Welcome back Thiago! Moreover we have a special guest this year — kind of a distant family member: Rainer Blatt, from Innsbruck. Rainer is a frequent Brazil visitor, and we are very happy to have him joining this year workshop.

The event is basically self-organized, but as we need someone to blame in case something goes wrong, the “organizers” of this edition are Ernesto Galvão (UFF), Ruynet Matos Filho (UFRJ), and Fernando de Melo (CBPF). Professors attending the event must pay a fee to cover the coffee-break. Any other information, and possibly some pictures and gossips, will be posted in this page.

Please get in touch if you’re planning on attending (emailing Ruynet, Ernesto or Fernando), so that we can leave a participants list at the reception of CBPF, which is necessary for security purposes.

We hope to see all the family there!

Coordinates: Auditorium 6th floor, CBPF.

Dates: 30/11 and 01/12


Thursday (30/11) Friday (01/12)
10h00 — 10h50 Stephen Walborn Thiago Guerreiro
10h50 — 11h20 Coffee-break + Posters Coffee-break + Posters
11h20 — 12h10 Alfredo O. de Almeida Alexandre Martins
12h10 — 14h10 Lunch Lunch
14h10 — 15h00 Rainer Blatt Antônio Zelaquett
15h00 — 15h50 Ernesto Galvão Márcio Mendes
15h50 — 16h20 Coffee-break + Posters Coffee-break + Posters
16h20 — 17h10 Roberto Sarthour Carlos Eduardo + José Augusto
17h10h — 18h00 Daniel Tasca Gabriel Aguilar